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Country Oaks Landscape is proud to be a premier retailer of Oaks Landscape Products.

With a variety of paving stone styles you are sure to find the perfect paver for your next project. Whether you are looking for driveway, patio, pool or landscape pavers we carry a wide range of pavers in our Clarkston and Burton facilities.

Visit either of our retail locations in Burton and Clarkston and come and see our wide selection of styles and colors in person.

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Paver Styles


Eterna is the most modern and advanced paving system from Oaks, featuring our EliteFinish™ and ColorBold™ technologies to deliver the ultimate blend of aesthetics and performance in a sleek pavement system.


The new MOLINA® line from Oaks enables holistic design concepts for your project. With its large format, smooth surface, clean edges and reduced joint spacing, Molina is ideal for creating inviting spaces.


The new DECASTON® line from Oaks enables holistic design concepts for your project. With its large format, smooth surface, clean edges and reduced joint spacing, Decaston is ideal for creating inviting spaces.


The new Seville paver with its modern proportions and clean lines combined with EliteFinish™ is sure to make a statement in any project.


Clean lines and stylish allure; that’s what Presidio paving stones bring to any design project.


Enviro Midori combines a fresh, modern design and smooth finish with subtly-blended colors and the drainage needed to eliminate surface water runoff, without sacrificing style.


With a subtle texture and a palette of earth tones, creamy whites and marbled greys, this durable 80mm (3.15”) architectural slab is suitable for almost any outdoor living space including pool decks, patios, walkways and rooftop terraces.


Villanova’s accentuated contours and three piece paving system favor a natural stone look in a range of earth tones to emphasize any landscape décor.


Hydr’eau Pave is a distinctively textured stone product designed to reduce excessive rainfall runoff.


This 4x8, 70mm (2.76”) thick paver is a modern take on heritage. Market Paver delivers a sophisticated appearance and enduring quality stylishly re-engineered for modern design.


Hydr’eau Pave is a distinctively textured stone product designed to reduce excessive rainfall runoff.


A modern take on European styling, in an alluring 70mm (2.76”) cobble-style paver with the added benefit of permeability! Enviro Passagio gracefully combines subtly blended colors with unparalleled texture to set a new standard in texture and detailing.


Centurion captures the essence of rugged beauty for any outdoor living space.


Ridgefield Plus pavers, with their dynamic textures, natural colors, and clever engineering blend the look of hand cut stone with long lasting durability to create a product suitable for high traffic areas, such as driveways and walkways.


Wexford’s combination of classic lines, smooth finish and worn appearance make it a stand-out when it comes to giving your space a classic yet relaxed atmosphere.


The allure of classic, old world styling gives Colonnade a richness that is at home in any setting.


With distinctive bull-nose edges and a standard finish, Oaks Cassina paving stones provide versatile designs for pool coping, step treads and seat walls.


Rialto’s subtle, natural texture and warm earth-tones, creamy natural whites and marbled greys make Rialto the perfect choice for stand-out pool decks, patios, walkways and rooftop terraces!


Monterey’s gentle, understated texture, large sizes, clean lines and fresh array of gorgeous new earth-tones are guaranteed to inspire the designer in you!


With their distinctive rounded corners and long-lasting thickness, Romanesque paving stones make random patterns, winding pathways, fans and circular patios appealing possibilities for any home.


Honoring tradition is what Classic Series is all about.


Project Visualizer

Interested in visualizing what certain paver styles and color will look like at your home?

Click the Project Visualizer link to visit the Oaks Landscape Products website and use the Project Design Visualizer - upload you own photo or use a variety of prebuilt scenes.

Permeable Pavers

Do you need permeable pavers? Permeable pavers Help eliminate surface water runoff as well us other benefits. Our Enviro Midori, Hydr'eau and Enviro Passagio pavers are permeable.

View the video to learn more about the benefits of permeable pavers or give us a call!

Equipment Rental

Are you looking for an easier way to place heavy pavers? Our paver handling equipment is perfect for contractors or do-it-yourselfers to help make paver installation easier and quicker than ever before.

Our tile vacuum is available for rent and can help save hours of time and make laying paver a breeze! Call us today for more information.