Country Oaks Landscape Supply produces premium quality soil blends.We use only the finest screened materials. All of our blends pass through a machine that blends, aerates,and shreds material into a beautiful loam soil.

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Lawn Top Dressing - Lawn top dressing is a great way to amend a yard with poor soil by adding organics and carbon. To learn more click here.




High Growth Blend - A blend of STA Grade A Compost, Aged Michigan Red Pine, Composted Cow Manure, Peat Moss, Biochar Inoculated with Fish Residuals, and Perlite.  Our top of the line blend that changes poor soils into high output growth factories!



GradeA Soil Blend - Just the right blend of STA Compost, sand, and loam to create an all around excellent growing media. Spreads beautifully, excellent water retention, and allows roots to spread unabated. Great for lawns and gardens.



GradeA Composted Cow Manure - Nutrient rich soil made according to strict composting practices that eliminate weeds and pathogens to create the best soil available for vegetable gardens.



GradeA Bio Swale - STA Compost blended with sand to create soil that is not only good for planting in, but an excellent buffer to retain water. Great for sites that require keeping water run off to a minimum.



GradeA Compost - Our Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) compost from the United States Compost Council (USCC) is an excellent amendment for enhancing challenged soils.



GradeA Compost Pine Mulch - A 50/50 blend of Michigan Red Pine and our STA Grade A Compost. It provides moisture retention and valuable nutrients that percolate down into the soil without tilling. This 50/50 blend will also help with weed control.



Custom Blends - Need a specific blend for a unique application? Let us know the percentages and what material is needed, and we will make it for you.