• 100% Pure Northern Michigan Red Pine
  • High stable carbon, low ash content
  • Quenched for high nutrient and microbiology storage
  • Slow releases nutrients to plants
  • Makes fertilizer and herbicides more effective by capturing and limiting run-off
  • High water holding ability. Charged biochar can help sandy soils retain water and supply nutrients
  • Improves soil structure permanently
  • Allows for fungal growth and air movement in soil


Directions for use:

  • Add to active compost piles to supercharge soil
  • Apply directly to lawn and let naturally work into soil
  • Add your favorite inoculant & charging media. Such as:
  • - Compost tea
    - Vermicompost
    - Yard Waste and Food Scrap Compost
    - Fish waste
    -Animal pens for urine and manure absorption

  • Sprinkle inoculated biochar into house plant soil to reinvigorate plant health

*Do not add to gardens or house plants without charging! Biochar will absorb nutrients out of soil if not charged.